HERMES is a software package for simultaneous topological data analysis (persistent Betti numbers) and geometric data analysis (persistent eigenvalues). It is realized through persistent spectral graph theory. In the present release, we consider an implementation in alpha complex and Vietories-Rips complex.


Install, Build, and Run

You can intall HERMES from the development repository:

 git clone 

Or directly download the software package from here

How to build the job:

 mkdir build 
 cd build 
 cmake .. 

How to run:

 ./Snapshot InputData Filtration Num P Complex

For Vietoris-Pis complex:

 cd examples
 ./../build/Snapshot filtration.txt 100 0.5 r 

For alpha complex:

 cd examples
 ./../build/Snapshot filtration.txt 100 0.5  

The output files:


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