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  • For academic/governmental users, you may download and MIBPB for free under a license argreement. Please follow the instructions below to register with us and download MIBPB.
  • For industrial/commericial users, a moderate license fee may apply. Please contact us directly at
  • We also offer our dataset for small molecule solvation energy prediction and binding energy prediction! Please register with us and download datsets
  • If you need a binary for specific compiler versions, please ask
  • If you have any questions or bugs to report, please fell free to contact:


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extensionUser guide

MIBPB is a software to .

Using Email: The link for your result will be sent to your email address when you submit your job with your email information. We strongly recommend the users to use the email to receive the result link! you can open the link and use the "Download Result" button under the molecular visualization window to obtain more results.

Without Email: After you submit your job, your browser will be redirected to a web page and refresh until the job is done. You can wait at the web page or save its link for reopening it later. When the job is done, the web page will be redirect to the result web page automatically. You can download your result the same as the "Using Email" method mentioned above.

Your result is a zip file including
  • ESES.log: a log file of ESES software
  • MC_result.obj: a surface representation can be visualized by molecular sofwares such as PyMOL.
  • bounding_box.txt, grid_info.txt, intersection_info.txt: provide grid related information of the surface in the Cartesian coordinate system.

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