Online Seminar on Mathematical Molecular Biosciences

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Mathematical Molecular Biosciences (MMB) has been emerging as a promising interdisciplinary research area at the interface of mathematics and biology, driven by the trends of contemporary life sciences that transform biosciences from macroscopic to microscopic or molecular, and from qualitative and phenomenological to quantitative and predictive. To promote research and education in MMB, an online seminar series will be organized by the committee .

The online seminar on MMB consists of invited talks from researchers in mathematical and biological sciences and other related disciplines to report their current progress and exchange research ideas. The seminar series will be held on in a biweekly manner during Spring and Fall semesters. The speakers and titles can be found below:

Fall 2022 Schedule:  (Wednesdays 4-5pm EST)

Spring 2023 Schedule:  (Thursdays 4-5pm EST)

This seminar series is sponsored by the Michigan State University and the journal: Computational and Mathematical Biophysics (CMB) . The speakers and participants are encouraged to submit their research work to the CMB :

The seminar is free and open to the public. Registration is required. To register, please click this link subscribe .

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